Moment in Time Writing

WALT:Write about a moment in time,to create a picture in the readers mind.
I used to have a dog called Storm he was awesome and when I was sitting on the beanbag, he always came to me and always would lay beside me. Storm slept in my room. We bought him a bed but he never slept in it he always jumped onto my bed. He moved up to where I was, licked me and I woke up and patted him. We had to get rid of Storm because he jumped through a window and broke it. Now he is a farm dog rounding up sheep and he will be having a great time. My grandma and grandad work on a farm and they have Storm. So I always go up there and see him; they also have 3 other dogs up there. It's a big place for storm to run around in and he loves it. Every time I visit the farm he jumps up on me and licks me. I really miss him.

Dance practice with dean

We had 2 weeks of dance practice. I have been challenged by remembering  the moves for Cha Cha and hip hop .I enjoyed performing the routines. I learnt the Cha Cha and hip hop in 2 weeks we had a big performance on Friday night lots of adults and parents where there. The first people who performed where 1 2 and 3s then 4s then 5 then 7 and 8 then 6s it was so much fun. i would do it again.

Learning Plan Review

Kaira's Learning Plan Review

Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’ I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I used chopsticks and picked up jelly beans up with the chopsticks. It was really hard! I learnt that Russia has a building that was built with wood and no nails I enjoyed learning how to use chopsticks and picking up jellybeans I was most fascinated by how 63 New zealand’s could fit into Russia l A question I have is…. What is the most common animal in Russia?

by kaira.