Multiplication and Division

We are  learning about Multiplication and Division we had to do word stories and write down the remainders.

Here are some  example of my division word stories, number sentences

There are 34 people who wanted bags of lollies there are only 6 bags how many people miss out?5r4
There are 84 animals and 9 cages how many animals were not in a cage?9r3
There were 47 dogs and owners how much dogs would the owner get?5r2

Silke can wash a car in 7 minutes at the fundraising car wash how many cars can she wash every hour?
6 divided by 7=8r4/8 cars and 4 minutes left.
Tino has used 22 meters of rope to make 4 skipping ropes.Each one is the same length how long is each skipping rope. 22 divided by 4=5r2/5 skipping ropes 2 meters of rope left.
Charlies chocolates come in boxes of 8 he has 39 chocolates to put into boxes.H`ow many boxes can he fill.39 divided by 8=4r7/4 boxes 7 left over

My next step explain the order of fractions, with the same denominator, from smallest to largest value

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