Moment in Time Writing

WALT:Write about a moment in time,to create a picture in the readers mind.
I used to have a dog called Storm he was awesome and when I was sitting on the beanbag, he always came to me and always would lay beside me. Storm slept in my room. We bought him a bed but he never slept in it he always jumped onto my bed. He moved up to where I was, licked me and I woke up and patted him. We had to get rid of Storm because he jumped through a window and broke it. Now he is a farm dog rounding up sheep and he will be having a great time. My grandma and grandad work on a farm and they have Storm. So I always go up there and see him; they also have 3 other dogs up there. It's a big place for storm to run around in and he loves it. Every time I visit the farm he jumps up on me and licks me. I really miss him.

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