Pigeon Persuasive Writing

WALT Persuade the reader to agree with my opinions.

Persuasive Writing 

Why the pigeon should not drive the bus.
The pigeon should not drive the bus because it does not have a licence to drive the bus and they don't  have the experience to drive the bus and even if he wanted to drive a bus he would have to pass the test first to get his licence.The pigeon can't drive the bus because he doesn't have thumbs to actually grip onto the wheel and he doesn't know how to drive the bus.Would you let the pigeon drive the bus? I surely wouldn't because if you let the pigeon drive the bus when you come back there could be pigeon poop everywhere all through the bus-then where would you sit?!

The pigeon could drive a bus because the pigeon has dreams and his dream is to drive a bus and he should have an opportunity to drive the bus. Or you could help the pigeon make a bus that the pigeon could drive on a race track and then he could drive other pigeons around for fun and the pigeon's bus name would be the pigeon Express and he will have so much fun in the Pigeon Express.So what do you think about letting the pigeon drive the pigeon Express?  

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