From the Journal of Jack Simpson

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

1 May 1915

I am Jack Simpson and I am in the army but I don’t fight.  I

help wounded soldiers but I get sad when they die.  A donkey

called Duffy helps carry the wounded soldiers.  He is a strong


Last night I started crying because my friend died.  Duffy was

sad too.  I cried to myself so the other soldiers wouldn’t hear

me.  I am scared that I am going to get shot.

We have to sleep on our bedrolls and it is not comfy at all. We

also have to carry our backpacks.  It is so hot. We have bully

beef to eat and water in our canteens.

Duffy keeps me company when I am sad. I am proud of him. I

think he needs a rest and a lot of sleep.  I will take Murphy and

when Murphy is tired I will take Duffy again.  I will need some

sleep too at some point.  That will be a good thing because I

am so tired and it will be nice to have a rest.

I can smell the blood and sweat from the soldiers we rescued

today, and I can hear the guns firing and see fires burning on

the hillside.

This war is awful.  I lost more friends than I thought.  They

died faster than I thought too, some on the first day.

It has to end soon.

By Kaira

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